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Foundations of Guitar is an easy, learn from home program that will have you playing guitar fast.

Plug in and connect

Connect to your favorite device for instant access to course materials

Just Press play

Just press play and your 16 week journey begins. Each week you’ll receive an easy to follow video lesson.

Easy to Learn Lesson Plan 

Our award winning course “Foundations of the Guitar” is without exception the best 16 week program available anywhere. 

In just 16 weeks you will learn all of the basics of the guitar and start your journey to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Taught by leading industry instructors, in an easy to follow format, you will learn at your own pace and receive new lessons each week. 

Foundations of the Guitar Curriculum 

By focusing on the basics and essential building blocks you will quickly start learning the guitar and have fun at the same time.  


In weeks 1-4 you’ll focus on the basics and establish a firm foundation for learning the guitar. 


In weeks 5-8 you will progress thru easy to understand lessons and things will start to become clear. 

level up

In weeks 9-12 you will find yourself starting to jam along with songs and really gain an understanding of how to play.

Rock Star

By the end of the course you will be set on the trajectory of rock star status!

The secret of success

The secret of successfully learning the guitar is summed up in one word – Practice.  We make it fun and easy! 

Weekly lessons

Each week you’ll receive bite sized lessons that take only minutes a day. Press play and practice along with the video lessons as you learn. 

Building blocks

Each lesson builds on the building blocks of past lessons until you have a solid foundation understanding and learning how to play the guitar. 


Connect with the Guitar Academy community for tips, advice, and support that will keep you jamming. You’ll find news, gear, and lesson tips right at your fingertips. 

Share your story

Your journey towards musicianship is part of your story and we love to hear about what you’ve accomplished. Share your story with the community and get inspiration at the same time. 

Student Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our students say:

” It’s crazy how quickly I started playing my first songs. The lessons were easy to understand and I was able to learn at my own pace. Thanks guys for helping me learn to play for real!”

Jill Hemingway

Boston, MA

“I’ve tried piecing together YouTube lessons for years but things just wouldn’t click. After just a few lessons I’ve learned more than I ever had and finally understand how to play the guitar”

George Driver

Raleigh, NC 

“I’ve always wanted to play the guitar and was gifted this course for my birthday. I finally broke it out a few weeks later and OMG this is the most awesome thing I’ve ever learned. I’m a rock star baby!” 

Summer Fields

Tampa, FL

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